How To Speak In Public

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Do you have a great fear of making a fool of yourself when you talk to other people? If fear has completely blocked you, then you should read this ...
No More, Now You Can Learn And Master How To Speak In Public, Only Following These Tips ...

Dear Friend,
A few years ago, I spent the most embarrassing moment of my life (at least I do not remember a worse one). In a working meeting he had to present a very important project. I must mention that whoever did the best project would remain in charge of the work.
It was a goal we all shared and competed in my field of work. We had been divided into teams of 4 people. The following ran on our account.
I can assure you that we worked hard to make this project perfect. The last 2 days before the delivery date, spend the nights without sleep, checking, correcting, adding things, until we are fascinated with our work.
We raffled among the participants of our team, who would be in charge of making the official presentation of our project. The same would take place in the meeting room, in front of all other teams.

If you imagine correctly ... I play my responsibility ...
During that week I could not glance at an eye, I spent thinking about how I would do it, if I would stop talking, if I would forget all I had to explain ...
Those were terrible days, until the time came!
Listen to my name so I can go to the front and start with my presentation. I walked slowly to the blackboard, I felt that everything around me was moving, I wanted to drink some water because I felt my throat dry, but my hand was so sweaty that the glass was slipping.
Look forward ... and I could not say a word !!!
They waited a few minutes and obviously asked me to leave the room. We lost, however that was not all, days later an executive approached me and said:
"I do not know what happened to you the other day, but I can assure you that if you had made that presentation, the work would be yours"
Now I not only felt, fear and shame, I also felt frustration, I had disappointed my colleagues !!

There Was Nothing More, So That I Decided That It Would Never Stop Me Again!
At that moment I began to look for all kinds of information about how to speak in public ...
In fact I dedicate myself to taking courses on how to give a speech, I attended theater classes, to make gratuitous talks and many more things to lose that great fear.
That was how I managed to gather all this incredible information, advice, exercises, and more that allowed me to take away that great fear.
Today I put at your disposal all that allowed me to start this new career ...
I travel the world giving lectures and teaching others that like you (and I at first) see how they lose the opportunity of their lives by letting themselves be overcome by fear.
Whether you want to learn how to play in front of other people or if you want to dedicate yourself to this professionally,
You must know all that is here.
"Speak in Public" is an electronic book where I give you all the advice so that you can stand in front of anyone and say what you have to say.
You Will Leave The Fears Of Ridicule, Shame, And Start To Enjoy The Fruits Of Being A Professional Speaker

Here I will put all my knowledge to your service, so that before what you imagine you are speaking and enchanting to all your hearing.
As part of training to be a professional speaker, you will receive concrete instructions for:
_ face the fear of standing before a specific audience
_ captivate your audience from the moment you introduce yourself
_ How to organize your speech
_ How to get your audience involved
_ keep the interest of your entire audience
_ How and when to use humor to distend
_ What should be your personal appearance
_ What kind of memory help can you use and which are the most effective
_ How to handle a negative audience
_ How and when to offer a product.
_ negotiate your services
_ Know where to promote yourself and with what
_ How to gain experience and become "renowned"
_ How to fall in love with your audience and get them to follow you wherever you are
What economic options can this profession give you?
_ And much more…

This is the way you have to learn "speaking in Public", here you will discover everything you need to start your personal training right now.

Put into practice everything you learn here, and in less than what you imagine will be giving lectures to any type of audience !!
I can not tell you how much or what things you are going to win, however if I can guarantee you that if you put to the test everything that you discovered in "speaking in Public", in a very short time you will be enjoying all the benefits and advantages of encouraging yourself to speak in public and do it professionally.
Neither your friends nor your boss are going to look at you the way you did it ...
When you know ha


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